Last night I was most honored to judge the Sam French short play festival and was gifted with this sick playwright hat that I genuinely love and genuinely might start wearing all the time or least genuinely will spend too much time with It and Photobooth. HAT!

But really, it was awesome being on the other side of the festival (I took part I think in it  07,08 and 09? or 06, 07,08?) Sam French has sort of two goals with the festival: identifying and supporting new voices, as well as finding solid short plays that theaters / schools will want to produce. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the crazy messy plays that were original and ridiculous. It really got me to thunking about how to properly support writers at the very beginnings of their career, and what I might be able to do to uh, do that. First and foremost, WE ALL NEED ONE OF THESE HATS.


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