North Carolina /come on and Raise up

I know I grew up in North Carolina but sometimes I feel like I’m not very North Carolinian, or maybe at least not stereotpyically so. Sometimes I wish I was. I don’t eat liver pudding (WHAT IS LIVER PUDDING / WHY?!) and did not grow up with cows in my backyard or come from tobacco money. What IS stereotypically North Carolinian, even? I don’t mean to call it bland. It’s a beautiful state and I love going back.  I love writing about it and eatings its eats.  But I have no accent. Maybe just some good manners. Sometimes I feel like I grew up nowhere, or in a strip mall. I grew up in Sears. Maybe this just comes from being raised in the suburbs?  I don’t know, I think I just sometimes long for history or stories or culture or something? Which is why I’m going to raise my children either in  Asheville or inside of a volcano.

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