God Bless the Lark

Christmas eve this last year, I was freaking out about $ / work / what to do with my LIFE / considering foot fetish parties / SAT tutoring. Then like straight out of an episode of touched by an Angel I got a call outta nowhere for the Lark with amazing news.

Now that the news is out, I can be bloggy of this incredible new fellowship that the Lark Play Development center has gifted myself and 3 other lucky playwrights with.

It’s basically a partial salary for a year and a half so that the writer can focus more on writing as opposed to cramming it into little patches of freetime. It’s also roundtables with producers, bridging that scary gap – readings, artistic support and enhancement funds for a local production. IS THIS REAL?!!!! It’s real. I am so so so grateful to the Lark for this opportunity that seriously seems like a dream.

Or an episode of touched by an angel.

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