I can’t believe I have yet to be bloggy of this! Here’s the postcard thing for widow.

I’m currently in frantic yet productive rewriting phrase and can’t believe it starts previews in less than 3 weeks. COME, AND THINGS!

And unrelated but related, this beautiful poem I just found:

The Widow’s Rules

Until my fingers learn
The way your fingers taught me,
Fumbling, I find the keys, one
By one, by rote, by feel, by sheer

It is like learning a new
Language, a new way of thinking
How vowels and consonants
Console one another,
As if they could contain grief
By boxing it into tiny squares.

Not having your voice
But only my own to echo
Back, what words can I say
To ease the silence.
How to pronounce singular.

This is the widow’s grief.
To know what can,
And cannot be done,
Which places are safe alone,
Which rooms must not be entered.

Copyright © 2002 Adrianne Marcus All rights reserved

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