Tips for new or returning poets: make sure you’re sitting cross legged and in pajama pants and staring pensively into space and that you LOOK like you’re not wearing make up but you totally are.

Before I ever wrote stories or plays, I used to write nothing but poems. Hot Topic journal after Hot Topic journal FULL of poems. I then pretty much stopped in college when I didn’t get into advanced poetry and was heartbroken about that, and wrote (HEH!) it off seemingly for good. THEN I wrote a fantastically narcissistic collection of poems* when lone wolf-ing it through Europe when I was 23, then again, gave it up. Now suddenly, all of the sudden, my poet brain is back, somehow re-activated, and its how I’m now interpreting the world, and I love it.

* The Thing that I can Say I Did C. 2005 Bekah Brunstetter, How Embarrassing Books.

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