It is just really important that you know how much I HATE taking any blue train at all from Penn Station. Amiright New York?! The local and express tracks are NOT on the same platform. To get from one to the other, you have to run like a crazy person down the stairs, through the hall and up the stairs. And so: you must make a decision and pick a platform to wait on. You CAN’T hover in between because you won’t be able to see which train is coming. And if you try and run from one to the other when you see the OTHER TRAIN COMING, do it, I dare you, you either won’t make it, or will and get a really bad swim team cramp. (I gave up trying years ago.)

And so, you’re sort of cursed to just stand there on the wrong track, as you are guaranteed to ALWAYS pick the wrong one, no matter which one you pick, while you miss like 11 trains. You feel like the moment you move to the other track, you’ll miss the train AGAIN and waste even MORE time. There’s some really frustrating psychological logic question in this whole scenario. I am a case study.

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