Mozzerella sticks are absolutely my favorite thing in the Whole. World. When I was little we would go out to eat once a year, after church on Mother’s day. We would order these little guys as an appetizer, six happy triangles would arrive, and being that there were 6 of us – we each got ONE, meaning I got one mozzerella stick per YEAR, further solidifying my obsession with them. In college, when I had a bad day, I would eat a whole box of them, and friends from college continue to associate me with fried cheese. In my more adult life, I have practiced some restraint and rarely let myself have them, in fear of opening any sort of floodgate. But last night, after a very successful reading of House of Home, I announced that I needed them, destroyed a whole plate, then just sat there, blissfully full and idiotic and happy.

Bekah -are you okay?

I’m okay. I’m okay.

I just – I just really really really love Mozzerella sticks.

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