Okay, here’s a buffet of small facts and observations, none of which merit their own post, but combined, might make a meal. That will give you gas later.

I am wearing Steve’s pants. They fit. That’s weird.

I feel incredibly accomplished that I have hardcore blisters on my feet from running, though less accomplished that I absent mindedly pulled one of them off like a toddler and now it hurts.

I now have three Writopia classes this ¬†semester and feel like an actual teacher and that feels REALLY. NICE. I’m so stoked. A class of 8 year olds, 9 year olds, and teenagers.

Sometimes with my Homemade monologues I don’t get it right the first time and this makes me really mad at myself, for not being a prophet. That’s dumb.

I love my new purple umbrella.

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