back to life / back to reality

Okay, okay, traveling and vacationing are fun, but guess what is also fun? NOT TRAVELING OR VACATIONING. When I return from a trip I get like an immense amount of satisfaction from putting my toothbrush back where it lives, unpacking my clothes, settling back in, knowing I won’t be leaving for a while. I will be able to stick to my strange routines, uninterrupted by ‘holidays’ and ‘joy’ and ‘ fun.’  I mean, COME ON. I have lots of STUFF to do, like putting my toothbrush on my shelf. And I can never truly relax knowing / feeling like I should always always be writing. But really: I had a great couple of weeks and am now thoroughly stoked for 2011. I got some fantastic news (TBA)  over the break that reminded me, like I had ever ever doubted, that there is indeed a God, and he wants me to write plays.

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