This week on Bekah is Selfless on a weekly basis in various locations throughout the city, we meet Nagali, a 19 year old Yemeni Gal who’s just come to the US a year ago with her father and brother. She wants her GED so she can get a good job at Macy’s, in the women’s department, where she can help women shop and lay low until her fiance, whom she’s never met, joins her in the US.

She didn’t speak a lick of English when she arrived – and now, she’s saying like and reading like a pro. After we read through a short story and I obsessed over the beautiful way that she pronounced ‘rabbit,’ she pretty much just wanted to know how to fill out a deposit slip at the bank. She wanted to know what to do with the $20 her father gives her every week; how to get it in the bank. I explained to her the marvel of modern banks and how with most machines, you don’t even HAVE to deal with other people or confusing forms anymore. She was amazed, I was satisfied; we talked about boys, and how they’re weird.

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