Becca / Bekah / Beka / Becah / Bekha

Firstly, I’d like you to meet little Baby Bekah, who I just found on the internet:

Secondly: why is it that we (I) feel so weird and offended when someone spells my name wrong? It’s my fault though. Once upon a time, my parents decided against naming me ‘Rebekah,’ the biblical spelling, and decided on ‘Rebecca’ so that I wouldn’t have to tell people how  to spell my first AND last name. Once upon a time a little bit later, I was in middle school and just really awesome and not insecure or anything, not at all. I woke up one day loathing the sight of ‘Becca’ and decided that ‘Bekah’ was much more pleasing to draw, obsessively, all over my everything.

I’m Not REALLY, actually, deeply offended when I see my name spelled wrong, but my initial and visceral reaction to seeing it is this really sad sense that nobody knows me, nobody likes me, and worms should be eaten. But really, it’s more likely the fact that oftentimes, there are a handful of ways to spell someone’s name – and there are just too many people, and too many names, for us all to get it right every time.

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