This Lil’ thing!

Last night at the Knitting Factory, Cudzoo performed stupendously and succeeding in making my day / week / month, as per. And a bonus treat! This lil thing, Kendra Morris, performed after, and she blew me away. It’s no secret that if I had one wish it would be that I was one of those really small girls of which one could make jokes about being put inside of pockets, closets, etc. I would rock leather hot pants! Stand on tables! Hide in refrigerators! But additionally Kendra has this totally fierce voice that’s eleven times her size that was so incredible. Dangit, now I wish I was small AND could sing. At a certain point, I will make peace with the fact that I will never be short and will never sing well, but for now,  I think I’ll just pretend that I’m her.

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