Covenant House

This week on Bekah is Selfless*, our Herione ventures to Covenant House in Hell’s Kitchen to conduct mock-interviews with residents to prepare them for the real thing. Covenant House is a haven for people 18-21 – homeless, runway, etc. They can stay, eat and take classes at Covenant House for 30 days, free of charge. Once they get a job, they can stay for an additional year paying a modest rent. During the 30 days, they take a week long job-prep class. NY Cares volunteers come in mid-week to conduct fauxterviews with them.

The ironic thing is that most NY Cares volunteers who can participate in events mid-day can do so because – well – they are unemployed / looking for work. And so it was this really beautiful hour of us all being exactly the same and us all admitting how awkward it is to be interviewed, how we feel like we’re being judged, how its so hard to say the right thing.

My gal’s dream job was to work at the American Girl doll store. Brilliant! She was extremely articulate about why she’d be a great employee, what she loved about the dolls, etc.

Um…..Jessica, I am right behind you.

*Bravo is totally biting.

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