Telephone Pictionary

Harken ye, to a tale of a new game! My cousin Mark introduced me to it over Thanksgiving. And it is amazing. All you need is at least 6 people, some long pieces of a paper, writing utensils, your imagination, and repressed drawing skills from elementary school. And behold!

BASICALLY, you start with writing a sentence – any sentence – at the top of the page. Steve selected: ‘Mario, the princess is in a different castle.’ This is then passed to the next player, who draws a picture of the sentence. Check out my sweet mushroom and Mario. The top sentence is folded over / hidden from view, and the drawing is passed onto the next player, who writes a sentence of what is happening in the picture. So naturally Pete wrote, If a Mushroom EVER pulls a gun on you, run to your secret hideout that looks like a castle.


And so on and so forth – the page is folded down over and over and the player either writes or draws the last thing – until all drawings / sentences are revealed and its amazing and chardonnay comes out your nose.

I highly recommend this game for your next group gathering! Tips: if your parents are in the room, try and refrain from drawings / statements that make them question the way they raised you. That’s just mean.

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