Halloween, for couples

When in a Relationship, it is important to listen to your partner’s needs re: halloween. It’s important to suss out what’s important to them, and together build a pair of costumes that compliment each other. (Tip:  This should probably be done an hour before you’re supposed to be somewhere.)

Or: you can simply say, I am going to be a creepy cat lady because I really want to wear this cat dress I got at goodwill that I have no other excuse to wear so you can pretty much do what you want, you could also be a cat person. Or Macgruber.

The attentive partner then responds by taking your John and Kate plus eight wig from last year, wearing it backwards, grabbing a roommate’s fur vest and a pair of women’s sweat pants and becoming EL GATO!!!!

The couple can then, together, develop a really elaborate narrative that link their costumes, that takes a really long time to explain as it requires backstory, such as El Gato is the harlequin romance fantasy man-cat that comes to life in the Cat Lady’s dreams. Genius.

Couples may also choose to be variants upon a theme, like Hippie mummy and Rock Mummy:

…or a two part clever contemporary reference, like a rescued Chilean miner and the Gold he went looking for.

I told Anne she could be the mistress that one of the rescued miners came up to find. She said she didn’t want to be a mistress for halloween. Why? Because she has integrity.

…..As do we all.

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