The hills: still alive

So maybe when in Europe I went all the way to Salzburg JUST so I could take the sound of music tour of the city and maybe I still really want to write a play about that. Maybe there are ceramic collector’s plates of stills from the movie in my bathroom at home. Maybe I love this movie, just a little bit, and am so not ashamed.

The cast of the Sound of Music was on Oprah yesterday and I pretty much loved every second and even cried a little bit.

I can’t say that I’ve ever even watched an hour of Oprah before, but this was grand. It included interviews with people whose lives have been touched by the movie (a deaf girl for who the movie was the first thing she ever heard after surgery), an old man who watched the movie 127 times while in Nam because it reminded him of his wife, etc. Basically, the movie means so much to so many people. For me I just really really really used to like to watch it with my Mom. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plumber didn’t write it, sure, but they sort of became it. It was such a magical movie even in the making to the point were all of the Von Trapp kids, pictured above, most clearly with Work Done, still hang out. How nice is that? Gah. Sometimes things are just so. Nice.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Maria and Captain Von Trapp’s great grandchildren are STILL singing as the Von Trapp family singers, and they sang Edelweiss for me, and it was beautiful.

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