Bedstuy: reflections

For some ALHL research (gearing up for draft #17 in which I change everything all over again) I drove around Bedstuy and East New York.



– Brooklyn is big. I’m small.

– The giant trucks will start to honk at you BEFORE the light even turns, just because you’re being alive, ie stupid.

– Park for a minute and school kids will start to lounge on your car then make fun of you while you parallel park.

– The fancy bakery I ventured to (RESEARCH / CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS) was boarded up and gone.

– The stoop where a 15 year old was shot a few months ago looks exactly like any other stoop.

–  I must try Trinidad / Trinidadian? Curry.

– Brand spanking new luxury apartments sit unoccupied, it seems, between rundown buildings.

– Again: world: Big , me: small.

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