I couldn’t decide which image better represents the thing I mean to discuss: that silouhette lady bearing a cross that is also a dollar sign, or this jar of money also full of bees:

And so, I included both.

It’s really hard to think or talk about one’s financial situation without needing to puke, cry, take a nap, hit things, or run to the nearest Lord and Taylor and drop $500 in imaginary money on Free people clothes. Money is just not something that’s fun to think about. And I think, too often, we (I) are / am not honest with ourselves about our financial situations. And we should be. And so, I figured I’d take a moment and be honest with myself, and all of the internet, about my financial situation. This is not a cry for help, but is instead some sort of acting class truth exercise.

Facts: I have about a month and a half’s worth of a living left saved up, with no more $ in sight. I have no income. I have one modestly maxed out credit card. I have no health insurance. Somewhere floating out there, I’ve got another about two months more of a living expenses coming in, but not sure when I’ll get it. I make an extra couple hundred a month with homemade monologues which I LOVE and always saves the day. I cannot afford a a nice dinner unless Steve pays for it ( HI STEVE / LOVE YOU STEVE)  and sometimes I freak out when I have to buy shampoo. My student loans payments of roughly $1,000 a month go back into repayment – after the last possible deferrment – December 1, and I have absolutely no clue how I am going to pay them.

BUT! But. I am writing plays and have never been happier/ full of peace. Or wait, is that fear? No, it is peace. Or maybe for a writer they are synonymous.

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