She Ruhls!

Heh – heh heh – hehhhhh.

I think what I love most about Sarah Ruhl – besides the poetry and whimsy of her writing and stage directions (see here: Eurydice arriving in the underworld -)

Is that for her, as a writer, content wise, nothing is too big or too small. Nothing seems to be off limits. I think this is a great way to be. She goes from Virigina Woolf adaptation to epic biblical passion play to the invention of the vibrator to (her next play) – how awkward and funny it is that actors have to kiss each other on stage, in front of people. Bravo, Mrs. Ruhl. If you wrote a play about sandwiches, or mud, or Afghanistan, I would watch it, and it would probably be good. Please continue with your (theatrical) world domination.

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