So I have now had a fair amount of TV meetings and honestly, I am JUST starting to understand what they’re really all about, and thusly am a little frustrated with myself, as I can’t help but feel like I may have inadvertently blown some great opportunities. That’s what’s sort of strange about the meetings, they’re not job interviews – but they COULD be. You are meant to go in there and not be weird, crazy, stupid or mean. Check. That I can do. I can talk about things I’m working on, the kind of show I’d like to write for. BUT: with all the Network meetings, I don’t think I’ve watched enough Network TV to be articulate about what I’m excited about, where I want to be. It’s such a vast world and while I’m getting more specific about how I want to be involved in it, I also don’t want to limit myself / lose opportunities. ALSO mad at my myself because: when asked about ‘ the things I’m thinking about / things I’m interested in’ – I have not been able to rattle off a list of fascinating things. Show ideas can come from things casually mentioned in meetings. Why do I not have a list???? I mean I do kind of, but I second guess myself too much to actually mention any of these things. BLERGH. I just hate feeling like I have not taken full advantage of every opportunity presented to me. But also: this frustration only makes me want to get right back on a plane, go back even more confident and prepared, and blow minds with my knowledge and ideas. Now to go get some knowledge and ideas. They sell those at H&M right?

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