and the (NYIT) award goes to…..

I’m writing the script for the 2010 NYIT awards ceremony….and you guys, it’s HARD! But an interesting challenge. Basically I’m just writing the words out of the presenters’ mouths before they announce the nominees and winners. When I first started thinking about it, I was like, wait, so I am going to write things in my own voice, and then other human beings who are NOT me are going to say the words?? How is this going to work?? And then I was like: oh wait. Bekah, that’s pretty much playwriting. Duh. As I work through the categories I suddenly feel like I know nothing about theater, words, or people, but blast it, I’m trying. Why, I even have a joke: the moment you set out to write ‘a hit!’ is the first nail in your IsherWood coffin. See what I did there?

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