Lily always signs her emails and texts  ‘X’ or ‘xxx’ or ‘xo’ which I’ve always enjoyed, because I just like the constant reminder that she is cute and from London.  I’ve never been one who’s much for x’s and o’s in terms of sign offs. But now I’ve just finished reading the novel from the UK that’s all emails (obsessed – more to come on that front) and it was basically 500 pages of x’s and o’s – some genuine, some passive aggressive -and also fun things like people being ‘cows’ and ‘gits’ and ‘having each other on’ and ‘having a laugh’ – and now said x’s and o’s are suddenly pouring out of my fingers, like this is now the way I am supposed to express myself, or always have.  Or like I’m trying it on like a hat. xo? xxxxxxx. X.

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