fight choreography

It is truly incredible what fight choreographers do. They know the ins and outs of pistol whips, gunshots the head, blood bursts, and other horrifyingly real things. We’re so so so lucky that the FC here for THe Last Goodbye donated a bit of time to help us stage the murder / suicide. It was an absolutely brutal event that we’re trying to infuse with some peace and beauty. WHAT? I just don’t want to go there, in terms of how awful it REALLY must have been, to be in that house. But so, we are choregraphing it as best we can. And it’s completely surreal: a bunch of people sitting a big theater, walking through the steps of each family member getting killed, with a man instructing: alright Dad, after you kill Mom, go to Son – Son, fight your Dad, Dad, push him off of you, shoot him in the head. It’s chilling. It’s terrible. Because, these kids didn’t get the chance to choreograph, go back, or fight. (Hopefully I’m in some way giving them this.)

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