Blue Benn!

Whenever you tell anyone that you are going to Williamstown, they immediately tell you to go to Blue Benn and eat everything ever. And today, I finally did! Excursions are limited if you are car-less, but Justine was nice enough to cart us there in her rental. It’s seemingly nothing much – a tiny diner in Bennington, VT (could I live there please? please?) but it boasts an insanely diverse and satisfying array of well, everything. I danged on a country benidict with perfect biscuit and gravy:

And ALSO (sadly not pictured) some crunch berry pancakes: stuffed with BERRIES AND GRANOLA. Genius. It’s never crossed my mind to engage in carjacking, but I didn’t get to try the California benedict with guacamole hollandaise, AND we passed a perfectly run down Salvation Army. And so, must go back, and so people in williamstown with cars: watch your backs, and car keys.

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