Our Town

Our Town is an incredible play written some 70 years ago by Thorton Wilder – detailing the seemingly ordinary lives and ordinary moments in the lives of a fictional small town in Massachusetts. It is totally perfect that it’s currently being produced at Williamstown: A – because Wilder himself played the stage manager Here in a production in 1959:

And B, because, well, it’s creepily, embarrassingly just like House of Home, in so many ways (the play I am currently crafting here.) OR RATHER: house of home is just like IT. I saw Our Town my freshman year of college at Playmaker’s, and hadn’t read or seen it since. I could barely remember it honestly, except for loving it, and being deeply moved by the ghosts in the graveyard. Also remember a small pretty Asian girl on a ladder. Who’s with me, fellow UNC CDA hobbits?? Anyone??

I think I must have deposited this play, structurally and viscerally, into my subconscious.  I think I will choose to be encouraged by the similiarties between the two plays. NOT THAT I COULD EVER WRITE OUR TOWN, it’s so flawless, BUT – maybe I am writing, MY Our Town? Our town, but with Baptist Hymns, casserole parades, murder and Meth? Also, not that I’ll be inserting a narrator character, rattling of lattitude and longitude, and giving myself the role. But. Just really, really happy that the play exists, and that I got to see it.

Also, my favorite line: ‘People are meant to go through life two by two. ‘Tain’t natural to be lonesome.’

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