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When I was wee, my brothers and I really wanted a dog, but our mean Dad said no.  So we prayed and prayed and arranged spontaneous paegants and cheers to PROVE how much we wanted a dog. And then finally, A family at the church happened to mention that their new yellow Lab, Tanner, kept knocking over their toddler, or something – and then – a Dog we had.  And Then: we wrote thank you notes to the family for our new friend. The family recently sent copies of our letters to our parents. I wish I could show you the weird picture I drew on the bottom of my letter, me with some sort of mullet ponytail, walking a dog like  giant squirrel, but I’m not sure how to put picture of PDF? So anywhoo:I present to you, a creepy but articulate and weirdly specific thank you note, by me, age nine, with my favorite parts in bold.

‘Dear McMillans,

Thank you for Tanner. He is learning to trust us. Peter likes to play tug of war with him. I would like you to know that he is in good hands. I would like you to know that he is learning to sleep in the mud room on his white blanket with flowers. We’ve been keeping him in the house lately. He’s been going around sniffing everything. Tanner has learned to come, sit, and when he is hungry, he sits down in front of you and licks his lips. Feel free to stop by and see him anytime. I think your little girl is cute. I would like to babysit her when I am older.



(end quote.)

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