here’s my question

I saw the twilight eclipse movie with some cousins yesterday, and I being slightly unfamiliar with the story, but knowing the basics, pretty much approached it like an outsider. Was I entertained? Sure. But I’m wondering: what’s the big freaking deal with Bella??? And why does she get to have both vampire AND werewolf fighting over her / dying to protect her? Why do all the clans risk THEIR lives? Sure, she is small and weird and has two giant front teeth and pretty hair. Sure. I guess it’s a nice lesson in loyalty, in terms of why the clans defend her / fight to protect her? I also found Edward’s chivalrous, old-worldly values to be quite romantical, which I guess is a good thing to be promoting to Kids These Days – this whole, kissing is amazing and you can even stick your faces close together for hours and NOT kiss and this in itself is amazing, and if you’re pale, that’s fine too. And so: Approve.

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