As a writer I think it’s important to always have issues, things that you’re scared of / worried about / confused by, so that at the drop of a hat, you can pull from one of these fears and write something. I LOVE doing the 24 hour plays and wouldn’t miss it for the world, so of course wrote one from home last night while on weird London time, ie like 4AM. I got my actor assignments, panicked SLIGHTLY, then reached into my issue/ thought-bucket – which is also a word document – and remembered, thank Goodness, that I’m scared of 2012.  Nice. A bit redundant, but. I then wrote about a family on Dec 21, 2012, celebrating Christmastime…..but their yuletide joy is interrupted by their 8 year old, Benny, who is convinced that the world is going to end. Hopefully fun, and terrifying! We will see in 13 hours, exactly!

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