Miss Lilly: a thorough report


Ahhhhhhh It’s been indescribably awesome to finally get to see Miss Lilly realized, after writing and rewriting it for nearly four years. It seems perfectly at home in the tiny Finborough, on a rustic white set littered with bright potted plants. Lily has worked so hard and made so much sense of the play. And the actors: Harold the elephant is hauntingly elephant like. Richard is wicked and Jordan is this incredibly cheeky and talented child star and Lilly and Lara are incredibly real and Vandhalla is nerdy and lovely in her white coat.  I feel so lucky that i get to see it three times. It’s a tricky thing, the 2 seemingly unrelated worlds of the play, how it sort of flips back and forth, and I think the challenge is to subtly bring the 2 worlds together without being all nose-on-y…..I don’t think I’ve gotten it exactly right yet, but getting there. There’s something about a small theater that makes you feel entirely safe like a hug, or a pat on the head, it’s alright, little playwright. You are safe here. Until the reviewers come and tell you you’re stupid. (Hopefully they won’t.)

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