Please enjoy that fairly irrellevant picture of a child auditioning for a….personal pan pizza commercial?


Last night, Kerry and I went to the see the acting company – 26 incredible actors – do their 2 monologues a piece for the Assistant Directors to cast them in their side projects. (Williamstown has all of these intricate project layers that I am just starting to understand.) It was nearly 3 hours of monologue-ing, which you would think would get dull and dry. But: the actors were amazing, and I found it to be extremely useful in terms of my homemade monologue-ing, I made a lot of mental notes……I think when I’m writing mine, I sometimes get stuck in the idea of the thing I’m writing, and have trouble making it active, in terms of what is fueling the monologue, and who the person is speaking to.

AND: 3 of the actors did monologues from my plays! It was completely surreal. I’ve sat in on so many auditions, and of course done them myself in high school and college: and to hear my OWN PLAY announced as the monologue piece was completely insane and amazing*.

* I went to public school, and have a limited vocabulary, therefore will say  amazing 1100 times except the for occassional ‘fantastic.’


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