AND, since I am nearly 30, or 2 years closer, at least, I found it only appropriate that I purchase and wear this dress that I can only describe as ‘Laura Ingles goes to a cupcake party.’


It was kind of fun to be 3 hours behind my actual bday, and awake to a bunch of bday texts and facebook things. It’s funny now, how there are so many ways to wish someone happy bday. And: you can log on to facebook and actually quantify it, like, wow, 86 people like me this morning! But then, you can take it one step further, and actually send a MESSAGE. And a step further: a text. A step further: a phone call. A step even further: a phone call, with Song.  I feel very lucky today, and am stoked to do a whole lot of nothing, and eating, in this very birthday dress, and to try and keep Steve from buying me a new computer, lest I become a Real Housewife of Silverlake.

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