ARGHHHH!!!! (a fairy tale)


Once upon a time, Bekah was in LA, driving from this place to that place with a FAIR amount of success. But: she found that though she usually arrived at the place SORT OF on time, she then could find nowhere to park. She could SEE the place she needed to be, she could see it with her EYES, nay, nearly touch it, but go inside she could not, as she could not find the ENTRANCE OR because she was inside of a vehicle (deathmaker machine,)  as opposed to on her own two trusty feet (preferred method of travel.) And so, after circling around for forever, she either said screw this and left, or did the ‘valet’ thing which is giving someone $1100 to take this weight of car off of your shoulders, and then she went inside to the place and said some things, did some stuff, drank some water, most likely went to the bathroom, then proceeded to the next location, where there was nowhere to park, and she lived happily ever after? Also there were dragons. But she defeated them.

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