Sooo since like last Wednesday I’ve had a crazy sockhead head cold and haven’t really been able to smell or taste anything. I haven’t been bloggy of this yet because I find chronic complainers of sick problems to be really. annoying. (I just complain to Steve and call my Mom from the medicine aisle instead. But complain to YOU? NEVER.) I get really, really frustrated when I don’t feel well, esp. when my brain isn’t working properly, and I’m just not myself. But THIS MORNING! I don’t know if it was the sudafed, the popsicles, the good nights sleep, or The Messenger – but this morning, I feel some clarity! How do I know?  I can taste the giant egg sandwich steve made, and smell the peaches we got yesterday from the farmer’s market. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if you could not smell or taste, ever at all. (You would be skinny, angry and dull.)

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