the match


1. I am in LA now. HI. It never ceases to amaze me how you can wake up on one side of the country, and go to bed on the other. But. Here I am! I will be canoodling with Steve, doing fun things, as well as taking some TV meetings.

2. One of the show ideas I’ve been kicking around is the  The Match,  which I’ve pretty much decided would be a much better movie – it’s about a woman who essentially works for eharmony, making the matches, and then other things happen, which I won’t reveal here because you would totally steal the idea and I would cry.

Basically the Millionaire Matchmaker does better.

But: I just think there’s something there, like dark-there, in terms of giving yourself over to a system of logic to determine who you should spend the rest of your life with. Like: when, after prompted by my mom, years ago, I did the 8,000 eharmony questions – WHY WERE ALL OF MY MATCHES 5’5″ Asian businessmen?!!! Why???

Just wondering.

Just practicing my embarassing tirade, for the meetings.

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