JUST like the girl in this picture, I find packing to be extremely hard,  and cannot decided whether to bring my black heeled boots from the fall of ’93, and this makes me look pensively at someone or something just to my right. Also, it’s just hard to know what one might want to wear in the future, and I always end up wearing the same things any ways. And when I am packing and seeing that I really only wear like 5 articles of clothing to begin with, I feel extremely hedonistic and silly that I have drawers and closets and cabinets vomiting clothes, but also am heading home where I will most likely be buying more things at goodwill, and this makes me want to light 85% of my clothes in fire in some sort of profound cleansing ritual. And then start again of course. With more things with holes in them. In better news, I’M GOING HOME!

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