A pleasant reminder


There Steve and I were at some corner cafe bar thing in Soho, innocently enjoying our overpriced edibles and checking out his new ipad app – when a random guy (either bar patron, or employee?) came up to Steve and told him that he had JUST stopped this other guy from stealing Steve’s laptop!!! It was sitting in his (Jack Spade, mind you) computer bag, right by his foot, and NEITHER OF US NOTICED when a person came by, picked up the bag, and started to put the bag into his own. WHAT? How did that happen? I fortunately have never been robbed here, and am probably much to slack about it – but it was a nice? reminder that people are evil and crazy, and will steal your anything. So you know – watch your back.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we were pleasantly reminded of Joshua Jackson / Pacey from Dawson’s Creek, because HE WAS THERE. Supremely exciting m, not so much for Steve. We are are 67% sure that it was NOT Pacey from Dawson’s creek who tried to steal Steve’s computer. How could he? I mean, look at this puddum.


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