The power of positive thinking?


I’ve always considered myself an optimist – but you know what? I think I might not be. I think I’m defensively pessimistic. IE, I tell myself that things are NOT going to happen, to protect myself from disappointment. I had drinks with  my incredibly inspiring friend Maggie this evening and – after we spent a fair amount of time discussing the long and complicated name of the volcano, and she is from Iceland – she told about her motto: telling yourself that something IS going to work out, so that it will. I think there is some Oprah in here somewhere, as well? If you cannot even consider the possibility of something happening – why would it happen? You need to create its place in the universe – WITH YOUR MIND. I know, it sounds just a LITTLE hemp bracelet-y, but I think it’s totally true, and I am determined to start practicing this form of thinking.

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