Regis and Kelly


There are many compelling reasons why I am now kind of obsessed with watching this show, and why it is amazing. I thought I’d tell them to you.

– Sometimes Regis calls Kelly Kathy Lee. Regis makes really dated jokes about Jack Benney and obscure novels and restaurants that no one understands. Kelly is tiny and funny. Kelly is kind of the dude in the relationship, and Regis is the lady. Kelly makes Regis talk about his sex life, and vice versa. They make some poor audience member dance ridiculously on this stage thing in front of these really creepy pictures of themselves as bobble heads, THROUGH THE WHOLE SHOW. Each show they call some random person in the US and ask them a trivia person, and the person either doesn’t answer, or doesn’t believe it is them, and Regis is snarky about it. The giant chair Kelly has to sit in is bigger than her. It is the PERFECT thing to ignore when trudging through morning cnn / facebook/ Other People’s Blogs!

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