Sheila Callaghan

 698thx480opener.jpgIt is no secret that I love this playwright, and have sent her nerdy fan mail, and want and admire her career. And as of tonight, I also want her cute haircut and little yellow wedge shoes. Sheila came to talk to the Women’s Project tonight about transitioning from theater to TV. She’s been writing for the United States of Tara, and spoke really frankly about how she REALLY got the gig, how long it took her and how she tried before, how much $ she’s getting, what it’s like in the room, etc. And it was just really inspiring. She’s obviously really smart, driven, and balances her plays, TV and film gigs (she’s writing the movie for I Dream of Genie, and has sold a pilot to HBO!) and ALSO her plays are constantly produced, and she also has a kid, all while remaining happy and cute.

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