My mom brought me my old diary from when I was 10 (hillarious) and also some of my old story and poetry journals from high school. I’m thinking of doing something with them for Naked Radio? I just looked through some of the poetry and seriously, I can only stomach so much at a time. It’s pretty depressing, how frustrated I was then…..and how I still struggle with so many of the same issues TWELVE YEARS LATER?? BUT: the happy thoughts: I wrote, and I wrote so much. That was good. In one of the books, there’s this really great few pages in which I’ve gone through the book of James and recording Life lessons that are actually pretty profound (see: separate blog.) Also: about half are about boys (was I even DATING anyone 12 years ago? Who are these poems ABOUT?!) and above each boy-related poem, I wrote the boy’s initials. And I can’t recall for the life of me who they even were. And finally, at least SOME things have changed…..I have this one poem about how I only feel comfortable in boys clothes (I did spend my high school years mostly in man goodwill.) But the poem concludes: one day I will throw parties, and wear dresses.

Yes, young Bekah. Yes you will.

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