I only have 7 days left of my job, and two things are happening: one: the days are going by SO. SLOW. Two: I am getting really nervous. I want to be excited, and I AM, but it’s just hard to walk away from a great job, from the best co-workers EVER, from security, from Health Insurance. I know that I’m doing the write thing, and how my summer is filling up with deadlines and the like, I really don’t know how I would have managed both. But, my worst fear is that 6 months down the line I’ll need a job again and will end up stuffing gift bags and a Bridal Magazine party for ten dollars an hour or wearing a rented tux and opening doors. True Stories.

Oh well, here’s to a leap of faith, and to the Future!!

fyi, that lamb is taking a Leap of Faith. It’s a metaphor, okay? Is there a massive, angry river below him? Or a hungry dinosaur? Or: is it soft, pleasant Grass?

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