I think I can now announce that this summer, I will be spending a healthy chunk of time up at Williamstown Theater Festival creating a new play! Basically, the director (Kerry Whigham) and I are given 10 actors and the time and space to play, for a week. And then: a month off to write said play. And then: back to the mountains for a month of rehearsal / performance. I have heard tales of swimming holes,  massive parties lit by ingenious lighting designers, hiking trails and the like. Basically, summer camp. I am so so so so so excited. A.) Because of the play itself – Kerry and I pitched a project about the Maxwells, the victims of a really horrible, intriguing and telling murder-suicide that happened in North Carolina last year. I really badly want to tell their story. B.) getting to work with Kerry and the C.) I have always wanted to be involved in something like this – the time and space to create something outside of New York.  And now, I get to! Call me lucky, call me blessed, and meet me at the  Swimming Hole.

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