a few suggestions


Hello, it is I again. Yes, I will pretty much be writing about jury duty and of course things I am eating or wish that I was eating for the next x days.

I’ve decided to start a list of things that could be done to improve my jury duty experience. Once complete, I will send this list to The Government.

– POWER OUTLETS. WHERE ARE THE OUTLETS???? SERIOUSLY. How am I meant to document, or be productive sans them??

– Beer and / or wine. And maybe some little bowls of goldfish, cheezits, or a mix of cheezits and goldfish.

– Spinning bikes and / or treadmills.

– A muzzle or cage for the guy in the hallway TALKING REALLY LOUDLY ABOUT HOW GOOD THE LOBSTER IS AT APPLEBEES.

– Episodes of 30 Rock on the TVs, as opposed to silence, or weird Diane Sawyer instructional videos. It could be the Rural Juror episode, over and over.

– Getting to know you theater games.

– Counseling.

– Fried Chicken.

– Reading Materials.

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