I apparently really like to get myself in these really awful playwritingy situations when I’m writing about something that’s super tricky to dramatize. In fact, one of my first plays was called ‘Happen’ and was about, well, how oftentimes in life it seems like nothing is Happening (though tiny things constantly are.) I didn’t really start even CONSIDERING Drama, like actual drama, people fighting for survival, trying to get what they want, overcoming things in their way, etc – until I studied with Michael Weller in grad school. (Thanks, sir.) And I think over the last few years, since I started to learn this new skill (actually being a Dramatist) I’ve really struggled with marrying this skill with my impulses as a writer. People, it is hard. Like right now, I am attempting to dramatize Fear. Um. Hard. The question, Bekah, is not, oh, how many interesting situations can we stick this person in, so that we can watch them cower in fear and lament about it; the question is – what do we DO when we are afraid? What do we doooooooo????

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