back off, Brunstetter


I have this playwright-fear of writing about things I don’t understand. Seeming like I THINK I understand something, when I actually don’t, etc. Sounding like I googled something then inserted found information into the mouths of characters. Sometimes I worry though that this fear limits me? And keeps me writing INSIDE of the realm of my own experience? Is this a good, or a bad  thing?

It certainly didn’t stop me for putting a Step team in my Happy Play. I love Step. Oh man. I love watching it and hearing it. I think it’s so captivating. I know nothing about it and am as white as you can get and can’t dance. So instead I’m thinking about high school, and clubs and teams and sports, and how these groups and events seem like the BIGGEST DEAL EVER. Maybe you have to risk seeming underinformed, to try and capture something that truly belongs onstage?

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