new digs


Ladies and gentlemen, I am now officially of the Upper West Side. Not at all in that way that I am fancy and have fancy dogs and limousine strollers. In that way that I just now work here. And not even by the park, but by the river/ highway, where it is windy, cold and far.

 BUT! We are so making the best of it! I was spoiled before, a mere 40 minute commute, close to bank and Gym. We’ve moved our office to one of our corporate apartments, and I have to say, it’s kind cute.


We are now gifted with SUNLIGHT, a kitchen for omelette bars???? (Yes) and access to the gym in the building. It also just makes so much more sense for the company. Now if you excuse me, I must find my stapler. It’s in one of 37 boxes.

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