the future


My phone rarely rings anymore. Is any one else experiencing this? I get plenty of texts and emails but rarely calls. It’s definitely my fault. After years of being really crappy about picking up the phone or returning calls, I have dug myself into a deep, quiet hole of strictly email communication. This makes me really sad. I miss talking to people. I’ve even NOTICED that my communication skills, in that Real Life person to person sort of way, are on the decline. I think I stopped answering the phone because if you’re in the zone, the productivity or writery zone, it’s hard to let yourself be interrupted, and even talking on the phone seems like a waste of time, and I rarely to never have time where I’m just sitting around, not doing anything, because I am just anal that way.

SO, sadness aside, I resolve, in the New Year, to call people!  People that I miss talking to in a real way, to just say Hi. (Beware: I might call You, with nothing to say. You better pick up.)

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