procrastination: the productive kind

 Hi, I will now try and write smartly about something I don’t know much about. I’ll probably mis-use some words, but there will be pictures.

I like to justify EXTREME TV WATCHING!!!! (otherwise interpreted as laziness) by marking it off as research! Or, a  study session for a potential show idea I might have one day to make me millions of dollars and pay off my student loans and buy my dad a private jet and maybe a small purple pony, for myself. There are two shows I’ve just started watching that I am now obsessed with:


Friday night lights – I finally started watching it! The pilot itself is riveting, and it so subtly reveals and characterizes the whole town and it’s inhabitants.  Genius lesson in less is more, in terms of character development, especially for me as I overwrite the crap out of everything and try and force long private moments for each character into a pilot. As you know, that’s the only way to understand a character. (Not.)

And then also, Modern Family:


Which is a great example of the simplicity of a great idea for a show – or how a great idea is sometimes right in front of you, and it’s sometimes best not to over-complicate it. A la the office / arrested development, this show is just about – well – a family. Or 3 connected families with ‘modern’ persuasions. Sure. But most importantly, they are all really hillarious, human characters which is what really drives each episode.

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