a most festive crop


Well hello! I didn’t see you there. Did you know that in addition to tobacco, doughnuts, planters peanuts and playwrights, North Carolina ALSO grows a whole lot of Christmas trees?? They do! Each Christmas, my family and I would drive to the mountains, Sparta specifically, for the Christmas Tree festival. You pick a farm, pick your tree, they cut it down for you, plastic it up and strap it to you car. Whilst all this is happening, there’s lots of labs running about and cider and assorted cheerful things. Then, you hit up the craft fair and eat chili and your Mom gives you $20 for christmas presents for the entire family so you furtively skirt about the fair feeling extremely independent and buying small porcelain puppies; knives. Very fond memories I have.

SO – tommorrow, Steve and Kilbys and Jocey and I are driving to Long Island, which apparently also grows trees? I’m so stoked. Stay tuned for pictures of us, joyful, posing with chainsaws.

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