hello, play

na-az834_wineus_g_20090819155442.jpgI love it when I am literally assaulted by an idea for a new play. Grabbed / stopped in my tracks. I was walking from the train to office yesterday morning, running through the day’s agenda in my mind, and then I remembered that I needed to start thinking about an idea for a Science play for a Sloan commission submission  – and then suddenly there it was! North Carolina is a big tobacco state. And due to the decline in demand, many small farms have started to grow grapes for wine, instead – which I think is really interesting and kind of beautiful and weird, replacing one vice with another? And so, the play is about the neurology of addiction, as well as horticulture – focusing on the family of one such family trying to stay afloat amidst said transition. Also I think there is magic wine that tastes like dirt to those who don’t believe in it. We shall see? The slightly frustrating thing about applying for play things is that you get all jazzed up about the idea for the play – and then you don’t get the thing, and then the idea is dead to you. Well, I hereby swear that I shan’t let that happen with this lil tobacco / wine play, and will attempt to write it anyways.

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